It seems lately that we haven't been blogging much...probably many factors in play. All of our visitors have left, so we are a bit more morose and also probably feel like there is not much going on to blog about. We've been busy at work. And for most of July, all three of us have been sick with a variety of ailments (severe pinkeye, GI upsets, sinusitis, colds, flu, you name it). But, lest I neglect my blogging duty, I thought I could at least give a Maggie update.

14 1/2 months old already, wow. She was pretty grumpy for a week while she was sick, but is now back to her normal cheeriness. Her hair is growing like crazy, and I can see 4 little ridges on her top gum, a sure sign that teeth are about to poke through! So far, only the 2 bottoms ones. She has been babbling constantly, and a few recognizable words are coming out: "nana" for banana, "da-dee," and her favorite, "no." She occasionally says "ah dah" for all done, "mmmm" for moo, and makes a funny "heh heh heh" noise that's either a fake laugh, a sheep baaa, or a horse neigh. Her favorite activity is climbing stairs by holding on to the railing and hauling herself up in a standing position. She also enjoys feeding her dollies (from Grammy), playing with her tea set (from Grandma), sitting down on things, and reading any sort of book. We're also hopeful that she has an early musical streak showing itself!

Anyway, she's a total joy to have around, and it's so fun watching her grow up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update! It's great to have an idea of how Maggie's growing up :)

Anonymous said...

So very cute!
Always great to see new pix of Maggie.