Flower Power

During one of our many recent trips to Nairobi, we made a discovery: in Kenya, flowers are cheap! We learned in April, during the big Icelandic volcano eruption that cancelled many flights into and out of Europe, that flowers are Kenya's #1 export, and they lost around $2 million every day they couldn't fly fresh flowers to Europe. At the beginning of June, we were shopping for produce and Eric let me buy some beautiful flowers. I figured they would cost around $10 or so, but a nice addition to our dining room table. Total cost of a bunch of awesome lilies? $2.50. Wow! They lasted over 2 weeks. This last trip we bought 20 yellow roses for $1.85. They unfortunately only lasted 4 days, but even so...a great deal, and so pretty. And a fun photo op for our little CoolPix's "close up" function.