Goodbye, Grandma (et al)

We have been blessed to have a bunch of visitors in June, and now our house has a slightly forlorn, empty feeling to it. My mom and Aunt Joan just left this past weekend, after staying for an entire month. During their visit, my Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob came for a week, on their way back from Tanzania. It was a mini-family reunion right here at Tenwek. I've been trying to get pictures loaded on our internet for a few days now, so the post is somewhat overdue, but hopefully enjoyable anyways. Here they are:

Hell's Gate National Park
Reading Uncle Eric's birthday gift, Pat the Bunny
Matching Grandma, Maggie, and tree
Reading with Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob! (who DOESN'T love Uncle Bob?)
Resting with Auntie Joan during a long safari drive
Showing off some new clothes from Cousin Debbie!
Fun in the safari van
Can you believe all these Senechals in one van?!
Goodbye dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi