Our Kenyan Daughter

Yet another milestone. As of today, Maggie has spent more than half of her life within the country of Kenya. One of the interesting things about this is that, since we will leave before she's three, she still may have no memories of Kenya. The other day she got her dependency pass finally for Kenyan immigration, so I don't think she could get any more Kenyan. And it's pretty much a tie whether chapati or ugali is her favorite food.

Behold her Kenyan transformation: Here she is on our departure from Tennessee, sitting atop our luggage in all her 7-month glory.
A couple months ago, donning a Maasai shawl.
Now at 14 1/2 months, feeling quite at home in her new environs.


Anonymous said...

Oh, to the Maggie!!! Don't ever forget your "Irish" roots too!

Anonymous said...

Love the last shot of her. Too cute sweet Maggie! Love, Aunt Mariah, Uncle Jonathan, and cousin Sierra

Anonymous said...

Oh, Maggie!
Your pose is just too cute!