Rachel's Brain Brings Home The Bacon

This being her last year of residency, Rachel has completed her research project, "The Implementation of Standardized Treatment of Patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus." It reads like a John Grisham novel, I assure you.

Now we all know that Rachel is a smart one. Or as we say in our house, according to the Wooster fashion, "she eats a lot of fish" (now that she's not pregnant). Yet this world in which we live is not always one that rewards such brilliance.
So we were extra delighted when she beat all other contenders at her home hospital for her research project, and an extra little check made its way to our burgeoning family. This success also made her the hospital's candidate for the regional research presentations and competition.
So, last week, we headed out to Rochester Hills, a northern Detroitland suburb, to a place called Meadowood Hall. We had no idea a place like this existed in our general area. It was built in the 1920's by the widow of John Dodge (of auto fame), after the style of various historical British manor homes. It was absolutely idyllic, and after sitting in a gazebo in some perfect weather for awhile, Rachel went into her conference, and Maggie and I walked around the grounds for a bit (well, she didn't actually walk), and found a pint-sized building, that was a gift to the Dodge's 12-year old daughter. A fully functioning house to teach her how to run a household. Then we joined in for Rachel's presentation, where she wowed the crowd, and Maggie behaved perfectly and earned many adoring fans. After another monetary prize, we headed home, but thought we would share the sites with you all.


Joan said...

Wow--way to go, Rachie...and I am related to you!!!!! You both are amazing and your daughter is, too.

Teresa said...

Did Maggie take that last photo?

Sandy said...

Funny - that's what I was going to ask! Congrats, Rachel! You're amazing!

Lois said...

yay Rachel!! Congratulations!!And we don't even understand the topic. You can do a mini presentation at the reunion in July.