Happy 1 Week Birthday

This morning, at 8:28 AM, little Maggie turned 1 week old. She's been doing great, and has had quite a week. She went and saw her Dr. Jean Wong at the Packard Clinic on Wednesday, who gave her a full bill of health, and her weight was maintained from her hospital discharge. Way to go! We've had awesome meals from the Lelands, Wilkinsons, and Stracks, and we couldn't be more overwhelmed with hospitality lavished on us. Maggie's been sleeping better than we could have expected (not perfect, but still...), and yesterday, she got her 2nd bath, which was her first at home. Don't let the picture fool you. It wasn't all cute looks and cooing.

Our good friend Eunice came over yesterday to meet her, and she took this picture, our 2nd family portrait. Notice the absence of severe sleep deprivation eye rings on either parent.

And this morning, she got dressed up in an outift from her Grammy (Eric's mom), proclaiming to the world that she loves her daddy.


Shyla said...

I've been meaning to stop over here in blogland and say congratulations! Sorry it's taken me a week, but we have a three week old over here, so, well...you understand :o)

Congratulations guys, she is beautiful.

Blessings of good health, growth, and sleep!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rachel! And have a good time with YOUR mommy, too. Maggie looks happy, well fed and loved.

Abbsters said...

She is so precious. Congrats from the Pat family!