A Day in the Life of Maggie

This morning I awoke to a strange new world, filled with sounds, tastes, and sights. It's pretty scary, but I'm getting used to it.
I like this eating business, much tastier than the ole' umbilical cord.

Then my mommy and daddy took me on a walk, and I've decided I like this whole outside-sunshine thing.

But then I definitely needed a nap.

Later my parents took me to Washtenaw Dairy, where it was decisively proven that my head is larger than a single scoop (though likely not a double scoop).

My mommy read me my first Dr. Seuss story, which I really liked.

But all this really wore me out, so I'll tell you more later.


Kim Page said...

Excellent. Maggie, thanks for sharing. You are quite precious! So glad I'm not the only Mom who thinks that reading to her kid right away is a reasonable thing to do. Truth be told, it is sometimes the only thing that keeps me awake while feeding my son. Plus, it's an excuse to remember childhood with fond memories, whether or not anything it actually getting through to the little one. Strong work on your parents' part for getting you out right away. Good for you, good for the parents. That was my key to sanity too! Welcome to being included in your parents' lives as you three are molded into a family! God bless you all. Have I mentioned how cool your name is, by the way?

Jerry Hinnen said...

Giant fat CONGRATS, guys!

ACES Wild said...

Congratulations Rachel and Eric!!! Maggie is a little cutie pie! We are very, very happy for you and how richly you have been blessed. Are you sure Maggie wouldn't look nice in some baby blue overalls or something with a football on it? We have plenty. :)

Carly Davis said...

Congratulations McLaughlins! She's absolutely perfect. Avery approves of her literary tastes too.
Looking forward to meeting her in person.
Carly, Jason and Avery Davis

Anonymous said...

precious! thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!! She is SOO cute! I can't believe how much different and older she looks already! We love you and miss you guys!
sami and jonathan

Jay N Laura said...

She's beautiful. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

The first and last pictures I can see her looking like Eric in his pictures....but then in the others I can see more of Rachel...such a sweet mix...just a few more days until I can kiss that sweet face. :)
Love, Auntie Mariah

ellen said...

Congratulations! She is so cute. Enjoy every moment of it - sleepless nights and all. :)