Jason (sans hockey mask) et al

A few weeks ago, a tree in our backyard began it's slow funeral descent - right onto a telephone line. Thus, it had to be dealt with. It took a while to locate a chainsaw. Having been in medical circles during my tenure in southeast Michigan, I've made a lot of great friends, but of the wrong sort if you're looking for a chainsaw. Finally, I happened to ask my friend Rusty Chavey, who lives in the woods and hails from Texas, and despite being a doctor, he had a chainsaw we could use.

So I called up Jason Fader and Dan Rocke, two individuals always up for some faux-masculine activity, and we set to work. I asked Jason how comfortable he was with a chainsaw. "Quite comfortable," he said, "more comfortable than Heather is with me using a chainsaw." And he proved his mettle. Between the three of us, one chainsaw, and a host of less powerful tools, the tree (and a few other branches that we decided were in the way, once we really got going) was dealt with speedily. And no one was injured (except the tree, R.I.P.). I'm now thinking of starting a medical therapeutics trial where men with low testosterone levels are treated by taking a chainsaw to a huge pile of logs.