The Little Things

Someone left a comment on an old post of ours, and it made me smile. Thank you, whoever you are, and I hope you find your friend. (Click Roach Wars and scroll to last comment.)


Becky Durham said...

Speaking of cockroaches...

I don't know if you saw Dave's blogpost of a poem that his brother had found in their father's old writings:

To a Cockroach
(Or, Bug Me to Live)

Ah, thou cockroach, you endure
Far beyond my overtures
For you to be exterminated,
And myself emancipated
From the gran ubiquity
Of your creep-and-crawlity.
You resist all tech-damnation
You’d survive e’en radiation
From wars that do mere mortals in.
So tempted, I, to hate like sin
Your shuddery longevity
That points to some eternity –
Until I realize your drive,
Against all odds, to stay alive
Is like the very verve I need
To stand against the word and deed
That tempts me to despair of heart.
Live on, thou bug, and life impart!

– Ron Durham, date unknown