Chop, Chop, Jeeves!

After 3 years of Rachel's amazing academic accomplishments getting us a free dinner at The Chop House, one of Ann Arbor's premier yummy spots, Eric was able to chip in a bit. Larson Financial, a financial planning firm that only works for physicians, was hosting a free dinner there, in exchange for hearing a talk on financial planning. It was a good time, and though there was no lobster bisque, the filet and the tuna were excellent as always. A couple quirky observations:

1. The founder and head of Larson financial just happened to be the best man in a wedding where Rachel was the maid of honor. Small world.

2. Our server bore an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Fry playing the role of P.G. Wodehouse's genius valet Jeeves. Certainly the black suit and the impeccable service helped the resemblance, but the predominant impression was the somewhat prominent chin and his way of surveying the room with a slight nod of "everything in its place". Right-o Jeeves...