Missing A2 #5: The Arb

When talking to people who are considering moving to A2, I often mention the extensive parks system, since I assume this will be more broadly appreciated, compared to the bus system or the free birthday stuff. The Huron River snakes its way through the city, and all along the way, parks fill the city. Two honorable mentions include the canoe route from Argo to Gallup and Gallup Park itself.

However, first place in our opinion is most definitely the Nichols Arboretum, or "The Arb" for short. This park is an extensive botanical garden/park near the medical center, that is tucked away in such a way that you could go right by it for years without realizing it exists. But when you enter, you find layer upon layer of varied nooks and crannies, and adjoining praries and hills. It reminds me of an garden version of some of the best of the world's cities, where each neighborhood has its distinct features, and years of development have given it a legacy of it's own. One our all-time favorite Ann Arbor activities has been stopping by Bubble Island to get a couple bubble teas, then walking over for a stroll through the Arb.


Anonymous said...

What are we going to do when you move?? Bubble Tea, I love that stuff. Mom