All Dressed Up

This past weekend, a few days past Halloween because of scheduling issues, our small group from church hosted a potluck costume party. The rules were set as follows: Your food contribution had to contain a double letter (e.g. jeLLo or souFFle). Your costume had to utilize only items found around your house.
Rachel had great success with a New Guinea spear from Eunice, chopsticks from Cambodia and various Swazi trinkets.

Eric utilized Rachel's MD graduation gown, a shawl from Afghanistan, a couple dress sashes, and some souvenir daggers for a dandy Sikh get-up.

The surplus of weapons did get a bit out of hand.

And here our wonderful small group. Note that some were not as excited about the costume element of our party, though Kelly gets full props for dressing her baby boy up as a pumpkin even before he is born.

For some interesting thoughts on Christians celebrating Halloween, I suggest Thomas' thoughts.


ellen said...

I'm surprised you guys didn't get arrested with the amount of weaponry you had between you two. : )

Anonymous said...

your costumes were the awesomest :) how's rachel and baby!?

Unknown said...

And I thank you for considering my thoughts interesting. Great costumes!