Missing A2 #4: Eunice

Last night, we went to a U of M concert band performance with our good friend Eunice. As a rule, our list of Missing A2 items does not include people (which is obviously the thing we'll miss the most), but we make an exception here, since Eunice is a wonderful friend, but also an Ann Arbor institution.
Eunice was a missionary linguist to Papua New Guinea for 26 years, and has been back in Ann Arbor for over 20 years now. For years, she hosted boarders in her spare bedroom, including the both of us at various times. For years, she also hosted a lunch group of largely UM grad students from around the world, now disbanded, but resurrected as a Facebook group titled "Eunice's Lunch Bunch".
Eric first met Eunice the very first time he visited Ann Arbor, when he flew in to interview for medical school in 2001. Having ended up next to her sister on the plane from Nashville, Eunice drove him into town the first time he ever came. She has been a friend and mentor, and dinners at her house or a nights out to a music performance will be incredibly missed.