Missing A2 #6: Plethora of Restaurants

When Rachel first moved to Ann Arbor, we made a list. We like to make lists. Seeing the bounty of culinary options in our fair small town, we wanted to make sure we were diligent and gave ourselves ample time to sample them all. And we have made good on that, with the notable exceptions of Bella Ciao and West End Grill, which are too expensive, and don't offer anything free on your birthday. Good food, and of almost any variety. So, here we submit some of our favorites. Fellow Ann Arborites, feel free to chime in. (n.b. we are also including venues outside Ann Arbor proper.)

Fine dining: Real Seafood Company, Chop House (overpriced, but fantastic if someone else is paying), Common Grill (in Chelsea, and Rachel has never gotten to go, but we'll amend that), Pacific Rim

Indian: Temptations, Madras Masala

Middle Eastern: Charlie's Mediterranean Cuisine (formerly La Shish, in a blunder of PCness), Ali Baba's, Jerusalem Garden

Ethiopian: Red Sea in Ypsi

Vietnamese: Dalat in Ypsi

Microbrews: Both Grizzly Peak and Arbor Brewing Co.

Cheap Eats: Nothing beats 2 for 1 on Sundays at Moe's, the hot bar at Aladdin's Market, Pea Pod Inn in Ypsi

Thai: Tuptim, and formely Banh Na (R.I.P.)

Pubfare: Ashley's, Sidetrack's in Depot Town