Kid Swapping Conspiracy

This past weekend, we went over to Grand Rapids to see Peter and Sarah Bast, and together we went into Holland, MI, for our med school classmate Matt Nehs' wedding to his new bride Christa. Certainly a good time was had by all.

Peter and Sarah have lived in Temple, TX, for over a year now, and we visited them in January of this year, and got to meet their baby girl Greta. She is cute, well-behaved, and has some very nice pigtails. There's only one problem: She is now not the same baby we saw in January.

I know what you're thinking, that a baby girl can change a lot from 3 months to 1 year old. Of course, they can. We learned all about developmental pediatrics in medical school (regarding the raisin, etc...). Nevertheless, the Greta Bast that we encountered (above), upon closer scrutiny is not the Greta Bast that we met in Texas last January (right). Both Gretas resemble their parents distinctively, but in different ways. Therefore, one must conclude the following: That the Basts had 2 fraternal twin girls, didn't tell anyone, and have been swapping them back and forth. Thus, an extra set of congratulations are in order.