The Road Rally

Every year, some nurses from Rachel's hospital, St. Joe's, organize a road rally scavenger hunt. This sounds like a small deal, but trust us, it's not.

Well over 100 people participate, and rivalries persist from year to year. Our first year (3 years ago), we casually joined up with some of Rachel's friends to form "Team X", a team renowned for scavenger hunt prowess (and cheating, but that's a vicious lie). Our ability to solve word problems and answer trivia on a range of topics from the Bible to beer distinguished us, and the leader of the team now reminds us of our obligation to be on his team all the year long.

We always have a great time, and last Saturday was perhaps our last road rally. All 8 of us piled into a giant Excursion and subsequently sped all over the county performing ridiculous tasks (any time Eric has to bowl, it's always ridiculous), visiting graveyards, and making the occassional U-turn. We all ended up at this pub where we picked up a couple door prizes, and headed home, absolutely soaked to the bone. Vive Team X!