New Beer Night IV

We have had two good original ideas in our life together. Both of them were over several years ago, so we're waiting patiently for the next one to come along.

The first of these was New Beer Night. Microbrew products are packaged in such an intriguing way that we were terribly curious, but unwilling to shell out $4 for each single bottle. So we devised a plan. We would invite friends over, and each person had to bring a single bottle of a beer that they have never tried before. Each beer is divided into small samplings, served with yummy snacks (including the obligatory artichoke crab dip), and votes counted for Best Beer, Worst Beer, and Best Presented Beer.

Last week: New Beer Night IV. You know that uber-embarrasing feeling you get when you and someone else show up wearing the same pair of shoes? Well, I don't, but I do know how it feels to show up with Monty Python's Holy Ale, and realize that someone else brought the same: Shame.

We would like to congratulate the following winners from among Eric's residency class who were in attendance. Worst Beer went to Jen Clem for "Hop Devil". Best Presentation went to Tonna Lee for a very cute Japanese "Hitachi Commemoration Ale". Best Beer was claimed by Rachel in an act of sheer nepotism for her Scottish "Fraoch Heather Ale". Congrats to all.