Horses Win $300,000

We had a great opportunity last weekend to visit with Eric's sister Mariah and brother-in-law Jonathan, by splitting the distance and hanging out in Lexington for a couple days. There's a distinct advantage for those in biggish families to get to break out on their own and enjoy some quiet company with just a couple members of that family. We met in Cincinnati last year, and had a great time, so we headed just a bit further south this year for a repeat.

We visited the Keeneland horse race tracks, where races don't start till this coming weekend, but we watched some practicing, and then got to feed bananas to a couple horses in the stable, where we learned that one of them had already won more than $300,000 in winnings. Whoa.

We also visited a Kentucky Bourbon distillery (Wild Turkey) and a mediocre winery that was nonetheless set in a pretty country and was very accomodating. We finished up at the Shaker village (seen below), which is apparently the largest restored Shaker community. Seeing as the were a celibate community, they have all but died out. Maybe even more amazing is that there is still a Shaker community active. There are a grand total of 3 Shakers in this world, at a community in Maine. Would it be fun to meet them! The last Shakers...

Good times had by all, and maybe most significantly, relaxing times had by all. The closer we get to the big move abroad, the more each of these family visits takes on extra significance. Wonderful to see you two.


Anonymous said...

We ABSOLUTELY loved getting to spend time with all of you this weekend. It came at a perfect time and we love getting some "alone time" with just you two. We only wish we could have had a long period of time. We can't wait till June. Much love, Jonathan and Mariah