Nashville Receives a Gift

For those who read this from Nashville, you need to be informed (if you don't already know) that Trader Joe's is coming to your town. Apparently, they are setting up shop up on Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills, where the Wild Oats use to be. This is no ordinary gourmet grocery. This place is cheap.
We would like to both go on record by saying that you are getting a gift. The gift of leaving a grocery shopping experience very happy.


Nato said...

I'm having quite mixed feelings about the new Trader Joe's coming to town. On the one hand, it's pretty awesome. And the timing of the state legislature to allow wine and liquor sales in grocery stores couldn't be better. The thought of having Two Buck (or $4) Chuck at will makes my heart flutter.

On the other hand, this means that even more people will be going to the already congested Green Hills area, meaning miles of backup on HIllsboro Pike and even more SUVs taking up multiple spaces as their owners can't maneuver in smallish places.

The once-every-few-months trip I make to Green Hills has been given yet another blow. And without any sign of a multi-lane highway-ish road coming through that part of town any time soon, I hang my head and longingly gaze at the shell of Texana, wondering when our part of town will have anything worth staying for.

Anonymous said...

We are very excited tha Trader Joe's is coming. It has been long overdue to the area! Love, Mariah