The Myriad of Ann Arbor Culture

Eric has now lived in Ann Arbor almost 6 six years, and Rachel almost 3 years. Yet we are still amazed at the new experiences we encounter and wonder how we've not taken advantage of them all this time.

Last Wednesday, we bussed up to our friend Eunice's house, then walked up to Hill Auditorium, a beautiful historic U of M structure (where Eric graduated) to take in a free concert by the Campus orchestra. We picked it out, because "Claire de Lune" was on the website, and even though it mysteriously disappeared from the program, there were some wonderfully classic pieces enjoyed by all. Plus, there was this awesome conductor named Yaniv, who had a great accent and this very cool casual way of going about a rather formal event, i.e. an orchestra concert. Plus, since Eric gets free bus access and Rachel had a coupon, the whole evening, transport included, was completely free! Why have we not been doing this regularly (we have done it occassionally) up till now.

Eunice let us know about some shows coming up in the next few weeks, with some of the more premiere symphonies and orchestras from campus, so we'll try to dip in again. Ann Arborites: here's the weblink with the calendar. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Seriously, there are multiple events every night.