Free Book (not for the faint of heart)

Our friend James just informed me that the President's Council on Bioethics has run a printing of a new volume: "Human Dignity and Bioethics". As has been their habit, these first printings are complimentary to those who email and request one before supplies run out. The email address is at the end of the following post in "First Things" magazine. I requested mine, but don't have confirmation that any are left in stock. But what's to lose? I am still enjoying their earlier volume "Being Human" as noted by its place amongst our prestigious recommended reading list. Thanks, James.


Justin Rimbo said...

Sigh . . . in response to your comment, yeah, I'd love to move to Asheville, but that's me being really reckless and pipe-dreamy . . .

I mentioned in that blog experiencing the worship community that my friend Jay runs in Columbus, and, at the risk of being ideological and whatever, it's really what we're looking for in a church: risky, messy, creative, authentic, welcoming . . . so Jay (who's a good friend and a visionary type of guy) mentioned that, in five years or so, he's thinking of starting a church plant, and that he thinks that Asheville is the place to do it, since it's such a creative place and there isn't really an "emergent" church community there. So I offered my worship-curatory services if he ever starts it, and he accepted, but who knows if it will ever happen?

Getting on board with a church plant sounds dangerous, so I love it (all the best things in my life start out that way), and I could see myself doing that for a long time.

So, yeah, Asheville . . . maybe.