To Blueway or Not to Blueway

When: 2nd week of June
Where: The Tennessee Appalachians
Who: Well, if all goes as we're planning, it will be us, Eric's sisters and their husbands (or soon-to-be's), Rachel's brother and 2 cousins.

When we realized we had a week of June vacation to spend with family, we made what I think will be a very effective manuever. Namely, we're using our families as bait for each other. We noticed, at our wedding, that our two families had an uncanny affinity for each other. Now, 2.5 years later, we are playing that card to bring them all to us. Well, us as we travel to Tennessee. So we have a week carved out for some or all of the following: Whitewater rafting, camping, multi-day canoeing, and multi-day hiking, on or off the Appalachian Trail.

We have committed to the rafting, but the rest is somewhat up in the air. Our Chattanoogan-savvy friends, Curt and Chris Chaffin, informed us of the Tennessee River Blueway, over 50 miles of canoeing equipped with several rope swings into the river, and a restaurant on the water. This is opposed to getting further up in the mountains and maybe hiking some of the AT, which is as much for bragging rights as anything else.

The family committments are slowly trickling in, and it looks to be a good showing of McLaughlin, Selle, and Laubenstein. If any of you yet uncommitted are reading this, you will fall as well. Resistance is futile.
Any other thoughts?