Bus Revolution

A couple weeks ago, we were lamenting the rising gas prices, and decided that, at some point, society (and us personally) would have to have a breaking point, where the expense was too high and we would change our transportation choices. And then, epiphany! Prices had already more than doubled, and we really hadn't changed anything about the way we get around, except that we pay more than twice as much. Had the breaking point already come, but so insidiously that we missed it?

So, our resolution. Eric is now bussing as much as possible (most days he can get to the University hospital very easily, and he busses free with his university affiliation), and very much enjoys getting to read on the way to work and back home. There is a clinic Eric sometimes helps to staff that is walkable from our house, and as soon as the weather is just a bit nicer (hopefully soon), Rachel can bike to work, and Eric can bike to his regular clinic, thus helping our goal of improving exercise, as well.

It seems to be an interesting question. What is your breaking point? For us, it seems better to decide now, rather than gradually increase until we're spending 80% of our GDP on the ole' petrol.


ellen said...

The breaking point happened for us with the move to Minneapolis, city which makes being green much easier. We got rid of one car; Will takes the mere 10 min. bus ride to work; We live close to everything, so much so that now we feel like anything that takes more than 10 min drive seems really far to us. We can walk to stores, restaurants, gym, etc. We love it!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, what can we do? I know Dad can retire and I can quit my job. Seriously, we will. Until then, I am car pooling two days a week. Need to do more. We need to campaign for buses in our area and walking is a very good thing. Mom and Dad