First Snow

We are doing our best to stay in warm climates this year.  Tenwek has spoiled us with its 70 degree year round weather, and I'm not sure we can go back!  Nashville has been really nice, and we spent Thanksgiving in 80 degree Georgian weather.  Then it was off to Phoenix, where it's been in the 60s.  But on the way, we got an unexpected surprise...snow in Missouri!  Perhaps the Missourians weren't so surprised. :)  Maggie actually has seen snow before, in 2009 when we got 3 inches of snow in October in Gallup, NM, and also when we got stranded in west Texas in December 2009 because a few inches of snow closed the highway.  But anyway.  This is the first time she could remember.

We spent a few days with our friends Julie and Logan Banks, who we met at Tenwek when they were working there for six months in 2010.  Their son Liam is Maggie's age, and they have a little boy Zeke who is Ben's age.  It was great to enjoy their awesome hospitality!  Mags and Liam totally hit it off.  They spent a lot of time bouncing on each others bed and reading each other books.

 The first morning we woke up at their house in Springfield, MO, it was snowing!  Julie rounded up some extra winter gear and off we went with the kids.
 Maggie walking in her first snow:
 Maggie and Liam, BFF.

 She spent a lot of time carefully dusting off all the bushes outside the house.
 The only mishap was a little slip/splits action that she needed help getting up from!  Hopefully this will get her excited for our two months in Michigan this winter, where I'm sure we will see snow again.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy swimming in the pool in Phoenix. :)