More Adventures in Brot-land

As we had posted before, while in Kenya we started messing around with the "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day."  Our friends the Millers graciously got us a copy of the actual book, which had tons more great info that one can learn from a YouTube video.  Lately, we've been trying out some new recipes.  On Christmas Day, we made a big batch of the Challah dough.  Half was made by Rachel into absolutely awesome cinnamon rolls.  (We also got a new camera, so this post is a chance to show some new snapshots)
 The other half was made into Challah for lunch.
 Given my bread hobby of late, I was tasked to make a bunch of loaves for Eric and Haidee Selle's rehearsal dinner, which is tonight.  So I spent the morning in the church kitchen, working lots of different ovens to make different loaves.  Here are the Pain d'Epi, which I'll be able to pronounce once I learn French.  But it means "stalks of wheat", which is what it looks like.  It's super tasty.
 A few more loaves.
 The finished batch of bread loaves for the rehearsal dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Great job, they look awesome and I would love to have some too!!!! Mom