On the flip side of our last post, we were super excited to get off the plane in Nashville and see so many family members there to greet us!  Eric's parents, two sisters, and our new niece and nephew were all waiting for us with balloons and a "Welcome Home" sign.  It was great!  Here are some photos of the cousins all getting acquainted:
 Maggie and Sierra sharing a meal
 Meeting our sweet niece Sierra
 Jena and her husband Brian stopped in for dinner on Monday...she painted Maggie's toenails and won her the immediate designation of "coolest aunt"
 Ben and Liam hanging out together
 Size difference?  5 days and 5 pounds
 The classic "cousins in the bathtub without showing anything too revealing" photo
 Mags and Bapa, mowing the lawn
 Another Ben and Liam shot


AbbyJP said...

So glad to see these sweet cousins together at last!