Random Pictures from Tenwek

As I was going through the pictures of our last days at Tenwek, I found some snapshots of life that I thought you might like to see.  Here they are:

We took a trip to the coast for a few days and Ben got to experience his first dip in the pool.  Not sure quite what he's looking at...
 He also got his first taste of solid foods.  He eats about 6 different kinds of food now, but we're still trying to find one he's excited about!
 I finally got a few new pictures of me operating.  Nothing gross here. :)
 And the last baby I delivered in Kenya, via a normal repeat Cesarean section.
 Maggie and Abi enjoying some last moments together, inside and outside.  (Mags was reading her the Cat in the Hat--we have a French/English version that maybe someday we'll be able to read in both languages!)

 Eric leading worship one last time at Bethesda church
And also playing some music just for Ben