Right after we arrived in Kenya, I remember someone telling us that Kenyans are very good at goodbyes.  Americans, they said, are liable to let someone leave and "forget" to say goodbye, or give a passing hug and send people on their way.  Not so with Kenyans.  They love ceremony and speeches, and we left Tenwek several weeks ago feeling truly appreciated.  So appreciated, in fact, that we will need more than one blog to tell the story!  

So to get things back on track with our neglected blog, here are some pictures of goodbyes said in the past month...to Kenyan friends and colleagues who we already miss and will never forget.
The Mugallas: Castro, Joan, and their son Caleb.  Mugalla is a family practice resident at Tenwek
The OB team: Kibet, Araka, Cephas, and Maureen are our current interns.  Also with my fellow attending doc Carrie Huber, visitor Carl Jurgens, and Moi med students Samuel and Dorcas.
Our good friend and faithful house helper, Ruth
The peds team: Joshua, Hannah, Yvonne, Alex, and fellow attending (and McCropder) Alyssa
Good friends Liz and Mike...Liz was an intern from last year who just got hired to work at Tenwek, and Mike was an intern from 2 yrs ago who has been working at Tenwek...and they're getting married soon!  Sorry to miss the wedding. :(
Rose has watched Maggie since she was Ben's age.  She has been a great help and a blessing to our family.