New Family Photos

Well, after 5 weeks of life as a family of 4, we realized we had no photographic documentation of the fact that we are actually 4. Our first attempt to capture said documentation was on a very small plane to the Kenyan coast, where we attended a great WGM retreat (the missions organization that runs Tenwek). Here's us smiling because of the money we saved by flying with 2 lap children! Eric and I have a long history of taking photos of ourselves, and it's requiring a little bit more skill to include 4 people in these photos. It sort of worked......but not really, as you can see, so we had someone else take the next photo. Note the color coordination. This was taken at the Turtle Bay resort in Malindi, Kenya. There were about 50 bright yellow weaver birds in the trees behind us, although that might be difficult to see with the downsized image I used. Beautiful place! And many more family photos to come as the years go by, I'm sure.


Kristen said...

What a beautiful family! I love how Ben is gazing adoringly at his mama.

wayne 'n barb said...

Great photos~ both of them. Luv Maggie's smile in the plane shot and the clothing/color combo is GREAT !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family!!