Easter Eggs

Here in Kenya, we still try to participate in a variety of holiday traditions, as is evidenced by our blogs. Last year, Maggie was too young to participate in any Easter events, but this year we decided to dye eggs. The problem, as you can see from the photo below, is that Kenyan eggs (for whatever reason) are brown. This does not lend itself to easy dye-ing. But we gave it a go anyways, opting for some basic and strong colors.Maggie also enjoyed learning about coloring with crayons on eggs (although she never pushed hard enough to leave a mark). A good use for the white and peach crayons that get little use otherwise.
Ben, meanwhile, offered advice from his carseat. He asked to wear his ducky outfit in honor of the Easter season.

The finished products: actually not too bad! I think we chose good colors for the brown eggs. Maggie is going to wonder why all the eggs are white and come in cartons at the store (instead of from Joseph the egg man) when we go home next year.


Banks Off Shore said...

We buy cage-free eggs at the store here, and they are brown... you can buy "organic" "cage-free" and "free-range", etc.
But Julie and I laugh, b/c you can't find anything more "free-range" than chickens feeding on the grass outside of your house.

wayne 'n barb said...

luv the story and especially the pic of Maggie in the first one~ just excitement and anticipation on her sweet little angelic face~ and Ben? He is already a "little" man, isn't he?? blessings.

Tammy said...

Hello Eric and Rachel! This is Tammy Chang and Mikel Llanes- Mikel is on a flight to Nairobi RIGHT NOW as an OB fellow at Swedish in Seattle. As I was sitting here, I remembered that you guys are in Kenya as well. I then remembered your awesome blog and found out that you guys are in Kijabe- the same place he is working!!! It has been awesome reading about your new baby- congratulations!!!!!!!!

I am planning on visiting for a week and would love to bring anything you might want or need. I hope you and Mikel can connect as well. He should be arriving any minute:) Tammy (tachang@med)