Maggie's Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Last year, Maggie was too little to participate in the Tenwek Easter egg hunt...in fact, she wasn't even walking yet. And she was napping. What a difference a year makes. She was SO excited to take part this year. First, she got dressed in an Easter-themed butterfly shirt, and visited Aunt Jess's nail salon on the front balcony.Then, while the big kids were hiding the eggs down in the fields by our house, we went up to the Popps' porch with all the little kids and heard an Easter story.
There was a carton of 12 plastic eggs, and inside each one was an object that helped tell the story of Easter. Here's Abi picking out her egg:
And Maggie got to pick one, too. The 12th egg was empty, reminding us that Jesus' tomb was empty because He rose!
After the egg story, we walked down to our house and posed for some pictures before the egg hunt began.
Here's Maggie finding her eggs:
Oooh! These eggs have CANDY inside!
Happy Easter!