Maggie Update

Well, it's been some time since we've posted any cute pictures of Maggie on our blog here, and since Maggie's little brother or sister is due to arrive any time in the next month (and will likely thus get more blog space than Maggie for at least a week or so), I thought I'd just give everyone a brief update on our first born.

Mags is now almost 22 months old, and as her 30 minute temper tantrum this morning demonstrated, she is acting very much like a 2 year old! She is still sweet most of the time, and I am able to understand 30-50% of what she says, but she definitely has her own opinions these days! She is jabbering up a storm and has a good vocabulary of recognizable words (to mommy, at least). One thing we have noticed that she likes is multiple beverage options, in good American fashion. See below.
Christmas was pretty low key here, but we bought her a set of plastic kid sized chairs, which she has enjoyed lounging in. She is rarely without her "beez" (beads) and has also learned recently how to climb into adult sized chairs. One of these days we are going to find her on the dining room table, I'm sure....
I gave her a haircut in December--just bangs, but it was a big change for her looks! She is finally letting me put things like rubber bands and bows in her hair without yanking them out, so we do a lot of pigtails. Hmm, blond curly hair. Who did she get THAT from? (sigh, maybe the next kid will look like me!)

She likes trying on mommy and daddy's "dooze" (shoes) and wandering around the house in them. Her expressions are also quite priceless, although difficult to capture on film since as soon as she sees a camera she wants to come over and take a look at the screen on the back.Maggie's "best friend" Abi Fader was gone for 6 wks over Christmas time, back in the States, so Maggie found a new playmate, Micah Cropsey. She was initially scared of his rougher ways, but they are warming up to each other nicely. Outside is always the best place to be...here they are playing on 2 downed telephone poles in the field by our house. We also moved upstairs in the same building to a bigger apartment, so Micah is the new neighbor. Budding romance? We'll see.
Mags has hopefully been getting ready to welcome a new sibling. She seems older to us every day! We have been reading her books like the Berenstein Bears and the New Baby to prep her, but I'm sure she has no idea. She is very sweet to her own baby doll, though, and pushes it in the stroller, feeds it bottles, and covers it for "nah nah" (night night) with a quilt. She can point to some blankets stacked up for the baby, and points to my tummy and says "bay-bee!" with an excited inflection. She tried to feed my belly a piece of cheese the other week, for the baby. :)
Hopefully that's enough of a Maggie fix for now. Love, Eric, Rachel, Maggie, and #2 (due March 15!)


Anonymous said...

If she has her daddy's blonde curly hair, let's hope that she is blessed with his thick hair as well. We are rooting for a dark haired, brown eyed baby, but we think Maggie is awfully cute and wouldn't mind another one that looks like her. Happy last month of this pregnancy. Mom/Shar

Salt Works Performance said...

She is SO cute. I love the hairdos and also the cheese story. What a gal! It's hard to believe the next adventure is almost here. Wilson is jealous of Cropsey all putting the moves on HIS gal! Loves, Kim, Jimmy, and Wilson

Anonymous said...

Can you put of the photograph of Maggie and Micah in the wheel barrow, that is adorable?