Crafty Mama, Part II

Emboldened by my success at the Christmas stocking, as well as my success with such baking adventures as yogurt, granola, bread, dumplings, etc, I thought I'd try my hand at another craft project. Eric's younger sister Sami is having a baby boy this March, due the same day as me. I saw some cute African mobiles at a craft store in Nairobi and thought to myself, I could make something like that! I'm not sure why I had this thought, since the last thing I sewed that was not from a pattern (e.g. the Christmas stocking) was an ornament I made around the age of 5. But I drew out a little pattern for elephants, and found some African kikoy fabric sitting around, and got to work.The hardest part was that the material frayed easily, and I was hand sewing it all. All I can say is, I think that spending $25 on the version in the craft store would have been cheaper than all the time this took! I remember a doctor friend once telling me that she valued her free time around $75/hr. Yikes! But it turned out nicely, and Sami just hung it over baby Liam's crib. Her shower was this past weekend, so even though the mobile has been done since December, I didn't want to spoil the surprise by posting this earlier.
Voila! (a much less pregnant me than I am currently...)


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I remember Eric telling me that you were going to try a mobile. Then when I saw it, I thought, no way, it looks so professional. Really a great job with the elephants, it is awesome. Liams's room looks all the better now. Congratulations!! Shar

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Rachel and it looks perfect in Liam's room. You should copy the picture Sami has up on Fb of it and add it with these pictures. :)
Love, Mariah

teresa said...

It looks so great! It seems like it would be really difficult to make such small animals too. Very nice.

Ellen said...

nicely done! Looks adorable.