Anniversary Trip

For our fifth anniversary, Eric and I took a trip in January to a retreat center called Rondo, located in Kenya's only remaining rainforest, Kakamega. This was the first vacation we've had without Maggie (including since I've been pregnant with Maggie), and although it was only 2 days, it was great! Being 33 wks pregnant at the time, what I needed was relaxation and that's exactly what we got.

We arrived in time for lunch, and enjoyed many tasty meals in a quaint dining room, always concluded by British tea (note the tea cozy in the picture below).
The highlights (in addition to eating and napping, at least for me) were observing the variety of flora and fauna. Here are some of the amazing flowers in the area:
We could also watch three different varieties of monkeys right from our veranda, one of which is the Colobus monkey, seen below. There are 3 in this picture if you can see them (one mommy and baby).
Also, one afternoon while I was napping Eric got to see a hornbill. We also saw a variety of weavers, sparrows, and the Blue Turaco.
Here's me, sitting on the veranda taking afternoon tea (delivered to our veranda every afternoon!). We did a lot of reading and playing Boggle, actually.
After tea, we took walks down trails through the rainforest. There were lots of nice trails and benches to explore.

Finally, our bathroom reminded us of the Narnia wardrobe. Meaning, it looked like a regular closet door, and then upon opening, voila! A bathroom.
Anyway, hopefully in 5 years we can take another anniversary trip. This one was great, and I'm not sure Maggie even noticed we were gone. :)


Anonymous said...

Rach, you don't even look pregnant in the first pix--above the table!
However, you DO look relaxed; glad you had the down time.

Anonymous said...

Rondo looks like a fantastic place, very Btitish looking!! Wow, what fun. I agree you look relaxed Rachel. A child that can leave her parents for a few days is a well adjusted child. Happy for both of you. Mom

Kim and Dusty, Tessa and Jack said...

Just cruising your blog - funny because the last time we were at Rondo (Nov) we stayed in the same cottage, same room, and had the same surprise at the wardrobe/bathroom! Glad you had a great time there. Best wishes and prayers for the new bambino.

kim Hill

Kim and Dusty, Tessa and Jack said...

Glad you had fun at Rondo - we stayed in the same cottage when we were there in Nov. We were also amused at the wardrobe/bathroom.
Best wishes for the new bambino,
kim Hill