Elated by the success of our Chinese dumplings, we decided to try another "ethnic dumpling" type of recipe: samosas. Now, samosas are MUCH more accessible here in Kenya, due to the high percentage of ethnic Indians in Kenya, and we have actually had a number that were quite tasty. Even so, we thought it would be fun to try our own.

The process was similar to the Chinese dumplings. We made a veggie filling with potatos, carrots, peas, onions, and spices. While it was cooking, we made the dough (notable differences include salt and oil in addition to the flour and water). Then we filled each samosa. I think the next step was the key difference: deep frying.
We have never tried deep frying anything (other than sopapillas once, but the oil wasn't hot enough so it didn't really work) but it is amazing how good deep frying makes something. Guess McDonalds has it figured out after all. :) The samosas got nice and crispy and bubbly.
Maggie very much enjoyed her samosas. We were going to make a dipping sauce out of some dried mint leaves we had on hand, but in the end just went without.
The finished product. Mmmmmmm! Since we now know the "complicated" techniques of deep frying, we are considering Navajo fry bread next. Such healthy eating we're experiencing.


Anonymous said...

This photo is so perfect! You could put it on allrecipes.com.

Anonymous said...

How was the "Lucky One?" Mom