Eighteen Months!

I can't believe Maggie has already hit the 1 1/2 year mark! She still seems so small in some ways, but is obviously growing and changing every day. And when we think of a new baby in just a few more months, she seems ESPECIALLY old! :) She now has 10 teeth, enjoys eating most things that we eat, and recently savored her first Tootsie Roll pop on Halloween (where she dressed up as Little Bo Peep, shown below).

She loves playing outside, going to visit the neighbor's turtles, and our friends' kiddie pool, shown here. It was about 50 degrees but that didn't faze her from getting in and splashing for 15-20 minutes! And she loves to play with her buddy Abi.
Maggie has recently started running, and can almost climb onto the couch, and likes to sit on just about anything. Since we don't keep her carseat in the car (we share it with 2 other families and don't drive very much), it sits next to the fireplace. She likes to sit in "her" chair. In this picture, she is actually saying "cheese!" to the camera. Mags has about 25-30 words that we can recognize, and many more that we don't. :)
So cute!


Anonymous said...

Happy 18 months sweet Maggie!
Love, Jonathan, Mariah, and Sierra