Our friends and fellow missionaries, John and Vera, came into town for some meetings. They live out in Maasai Land. Apparently, way out there. We've never been there. But they have a pet. The kind of pet that you get when you live way out there in Maasai Land. It was given to them by a village kid, who had heard they were looking for one.

Their pet is a Bushbaby, which I think is the smallest of all primates, though Wikipedia couldn't verify that for me (to the extent that it ever verifies anything). They are nocturnal, and we woke this one up in the middle of the day, so it looked a trifle terrified. Or maybe that's how you always look when you have huge eyes and huge bat-like ears, and in almost every other way resemble Harry Potter's Dobby.

Both of us thought it would have little claws, which it apparently does, but instead it felt like nice pad-like hands. As I learned from experience, these little guys can apparently jump 6 ft vertically, despite being minute, and when my grip relaxed a bit and she was a couple feet from her little cage, she burst out of my hand and covered the distance in a split second.

Very fun and very "Oh yeah, I'm in Africa" moment. Thanks, Steurys!


Anonymous said...

Always a treat to catch your stories and see pictures of your growing family (congralutations!) :-) Blessings! -Sondra & Kyle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Just read your update letter. Two good stories about babies.
Knox is taking the drive for Thanksgiving baskets for the Dicken school. Ah, good small group memories.