Visit So Far

It's been a busy week and a half so far since Grammy and Grandpa Tim arrived! Here's just a sampling of pictures from their camera so you can share in the adventure

A welcoming brunch at Jave House in Nairobi, meeting up with a friend from Nashville, Emily Norton.
The drive to Tenwek--baboons by the side of the road!
Enjoying one of Maggie's favorite activities.
Hiking to the Tenwek waterfall
Again, reading, this time with Anna Fader as well
Isn't she cute?
Sharon and Tim have both come to watch some surgeries (this is a hysterectomy specimen)
And also to go on medicine rounds with Eric
Taking Maggie on wagon rides, her other favorite activity
Tim and Shar got to visit their Compassion child, Joyce, in Nakuru...here's her whole family
Here's Joyce
They got to see their new grandbaby on the "big screen"
And brought lots of receiving blankets to give to the orphans and kids at the hospital
Finally, we close up the day with a bath. :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. It looks like you are having a nice time and experiencing their daily routine. Enjoy the second half of your visit! Cathye

Anonymous said...

Tons of fun! Memories forever...enjoy the rest of the time.
Love, Mariah

Anonymous said...

love the pictures! soak it up :) E&R, I'm sure you're showing them a fantastic time.


Lois Rimbo said...

Thanks for the great pictures! Maggie (and her parents) seem to be enjoying Grammie and Grampa's visit. Going on safari with them?

Anonymous said...

Kyle and I were getting caught up on some of your recent postings. Maggie is adorable - and getting so big! Loved the tree house in Zanzibar. Thoughts and prayers are with you. -Sondra and Kyle