Maggie Update: 17 months

I was just realizing it has been some time since we posted our gratuitous cute Maggie pics on the blog. :) Hard to believe she is 17 months old today...and that before she turns 2, she'll have a sibling and we can start all over! Wow. Here she is showing off one of her biggest changes: teeth! She now has 3 top middle teeth, 2 middle bottom teeth, and a top and bottom premolar, both on the left. I can hear her grinding them occasionally, yikes. It sends shivers down my spine and I hope it's a short lived habit, or that's going to get expensive!
She also continues to LOVE books. Board books are quickly being abandoned in favor of ones with paper pages. Her favorites are anything with animals, and our 3 Swahili/English books. Hmm, bilingual? Probably not...but she is getting quite a vocabulary these days!
Maggie has been walking a lot, starting to run just a bit, and especially enjoys sitting down on anything her size, like the front step and the area in front of our (unused) fireplace. Since I am still working three days a week, Maggie stays home with our Kenyan nanny Rose Mon-Wed. She has discovered the joys of things like hanging laundry with Rose!
Here she is with "gee" (kitty) and bear, 2 of her favorite things.
Maggie and her best friend/next door neighbor Abi Fader. These girls love to ride around in the wagon, and also love going to visit another family's 4 pet turtles (tuh-dul). They are saying "cheese" (deez) in this picture.

She continues to be a healthy, happy kid with a laid back easy going temperament. Eric and I laugh and smile at her frequent antics. We'll take another just like her. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with you; another one like Maggie sounds perfect! But I think you have some cousins that are hoping you get one a little more like their second ones...