At "The Lake"

And by Lake, we mean, Lake Victoria. We had a chance to travel about 4-5 hrs west of us while Eric's parents were here to visit long time friends of theirs from Belmont Church. Steve and Judy Cochran have been serving in Mbita for 7-10 yrs, and they run a school called Christ's Gift Academy. We stayed at their place for a few nights, which is right on the lake, and has no running water or electricity. Interesting!

Family pic at Lake Victoria! (of note, this is actually no where near Victoria Falls, several countries away, in case you were wondering)
Tim and Sharon with Judy Cochran, inside the school library.
Grandpa and Maggie looking at the Lake (it was pretty green up close...not so nice for swimming).
Here are Tim and Sharon, who got to meet a child they sponsor at CGA--Kevin. He is just to the right of Tim, and his younger brother and mother are also in this picture.
On the way home, we opted for the slightly longer but no dirt road path of the ferry across Lake Victoria, then through Kisumu. Only an extra 30 min, and so much smoother!
Still, an exhausting trip by the end.


Lois Rimbo said...

Where was the Ferry? Did you go via Mwanza? Our friends took that route and it was pretty long and uncomfortable. Maybe yours was further north?