Toyworld Answers

OK folks, here they are by order of price:

Crayola markers (8): $6
1 Hotwheels car: $12.50
600 piece puzzle: $58
Cranium: $81
Kids' bike: $81
(It makes far more sense to me that a kids' bike would cost $81 than a board game!!)

Yowza! Just in case you were curious, we could also buy...
Barbie dolls ($45)
My Little Pony--the small ones ($35)
Uno ($17)
Scrabble ($46)
325 piece basic Lego set--the basic blocks in various colors ($39)
7 piece farmer Duplo set ($25)
Little Tykes Tap a Tune piano, which Maggie did NOT want to leave ($34)

So, some would say it's cheaper than buying stuff in the US and shipping it over. True, true. But many thanks to all those of you who have visited us and generously donated suitcase space for our thrifty selves to be able to get stuff from the US at MUCH better prices. :)


Anonymous said...

I did guess Cranium and the bike most expensive together, just not quite expensive enough. Do I win the prize. :)!?!

Unknown said...

If we ever get enough saved up to get to Kenya (or get corporate sponsors), we'll donate several suitcases to the cause! Sure wish we could send some of our surplus to you. . .