Breaking the Code

In Rachel's mom's family, an odd phenomenon has taken place. There are seven children in that family: six girls and one boy, who had a total of 19 grandchildren. The number of kids in each family ranged from 2-5, but each one followed the same pattern. If the oldest child was a girl, the next child would be a boy. If the oldest child was a boy, then the next child was also a boy. So everyone had a boy for their second child. All three of the families who had three children had a girl as their third child.

In the next generation, this pattern held strong. So far, there are 15 great-grandchildren. With one exception, everyone had a boy as their second child. Eric and I calculated out the mathematical odds of this to be approximately 1:1024. Wow. So of course when it came time to find out on ultrasound what the gender of baby #2 would be, I was quite certain it was a boy.

Wrong. Now there are 2 exceptions to the "Senechal Genetic Code." Come March, Maggie is going to have a little sister. :)


James Paternoster said...

A sure sign of decline in the family line -- or is that McLaughlin influence:)

Anyway, delighted Maggie will have a sister. May God continue to keep you all safe from harm.

Anonymous said...

yay! yay! yay! yay! for G-I-R-L!!

love, Sami

Kristen said...

You are SUCH a rebel, Rach!
What's completely awesome is that God already knows everything about this precious child. Next year at this time, you'll be wondering what life was even like before this little girl joined your family.

Anonymous said...

Glad my little Ella could pave the way for exceptions. But be warned...if she's a rule-breaker already, you're in for it. :-) Lots of love from your AZ cousin!!

Anonymous said...

Alfredo and I are so happy for you. Looks like we're due in the same month. We're expecting as well! Two girls on your end...two boys on ours. Congrats.


Melissa Betts Gonzalez