As most of you likely know (and some incredibly better than I), Nashville and the surrounding areas of Tennessee have experienced record flooding in the past week. This is not Missouri. I've never known Nashville to have significant flooding. Because this happened simultaneously with the Times Square bomb scare and the BP oil spill, very little news has been devoted to it, but through facebook and other means, we have been hearing a lot about it.

Thankfully, the homes of our family members in Nashville are undamaged (though my aunt and uncle's backyard was apparently part of the giant lake). However, countless others were not so fortunate. The pictures are amazing. The whole thing makes me again feel very far away. I got to visit the other night with Steve Cochrane, another Nashville missionary here in Kenya, and he didn't even know anything had happened.

These are the best pictures I have found (Thanks Nato). Below, downtown Nashville, which is on the Cumberland River (which should be 60 feet or so below the nearest road), sitting in a giant lake.
Looking across the river from downtown at the Titans Stadium. The sign for Riverfront Park (which is at the top of these terraced steps down to the bank where I have seen countless concerts) is just barely becoming visible again.
The parking lot of Opry Mills mall. The nearby Opryland Hotel also has some amazing photos that accompany its flood damage.