And...She walks!

After months of cruising around on our furniture and walking while holding on to Mommy or Daddy's pinkie finger, Maggie finally let go, one week after her first birthday.

She now walks all over the house and is sure to be causing more trouble soon! This morning she took one of my scrub caps out of my coat pocket, walked into the bathroom, and promptly deposited it into the toilet (thankfully, a "clean" toilet). This is only the beginning, I know. :) She's also taken to walking out the front door and down the sidewalk. Wednesday morning she tried to follow Eric to work. So cute!


Jessica Watters said...

Wow! What a great video. She is so pleased with herself. :) Thanks for all your great updates. I don't write often, but I pray often for all of you.

Kyle said...

Did she run into the camera after she made it across? Looked like a close call!

Anonymous said...

Your Fredericksburg friends loved seeing Maggie walk. Grammy June told me about it last night. What adventures await you all as she now can be up and running! Love your updates and keep you in our prayers!