Little Miss Mags

I try to avoid just posting gratuitously cute pictures of my daughter on our blog, but I realize it's been almost a month, so here goes. :)

First picture: Now with 2 teeth! Both are on the bottom--you can see them just above the glare on her lower lip. We can feel the top left one, too, but it has yet to show itself through the gum.
An aspiring Obstetrician? This was taken not long before she walked into the bathroom and threw one of my scrub caps in the toilet. Now we keep the bathroom door closed.
Opening up birthday gifts--it was fun to celebrate as gifts arrived throughout the month. This, if you can't tell, is a swimsuit. Obviously.
Showing off her tuft of hair. While still not a LOT of hair, she now has enough to keep a barrette in for a few minutes.
She brings us (and many others) so much joy every day with her sweet smile and little giggles.
Here she is, waving bye bye in front of our house. She now waves, claps, puts things into and takes things out of, says "nana" for banana and "no" randomly, walks all over, and can point to her head and shoes. It's amazing how much our little girl has grown this year!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you sweet baby girl!
Mommy and Daddy can put as many pictures of you as they want on their blog, Maggie!
Just can't wait to cuddle you, darlin'!

Anonymous said...

I think nana means she wants to spend time with me (not banana). I'd better find a way to get to Kenya. Does anyone have a few thousand dollars laying around? I've got time this summer......thanks for sharing the cute pictures. Maggie is adorable. love, Nana

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures too :)