Parasite #1, and then Cute Maggie Pictures

It's official. After almost three months of living in the developing world, the McLaughlin family has acquired their first parasite (that we know of)! Sort of gross, like all parasites, but better than intestinal worms, or worms that live in your skin, or . . . well, I could go on but I'm feeling nauseated. Yup, we've got the scabies. First noticed it on Maggie: she developed a slight rash just under her chin, which became worse and started spreading around her neck, and then onto her hands. Then I started thinking about how I've been really itchy lately, and suddenly all the pieces came together. For those of you who don't know, scabies are like lice, only on the skin instead of in the hair, and they're difficult to see. We've been undergoing treatment, which involved applying this lotion stuff (pronounced SKAYB-kill, not SCAB-kill) overnight for two nights, and washing every last piece of clothing and bedding in super hot water. Yuck. All part and parcel of living here and working in the hospital, though. So we're hoping the lotion does the trick, and we don't have to repeat the steps, since Mags was NOT a fan.

On a happier note, in honor of her 10 month birthday, we're posting a few gratuitously cute pictures. The Magster has been cruising the furniture in a big way lately. Watch out world!

Friendly hug...or captive prisoner? Approximately 5 sec after the picture was taken, Mags started screaming. Apparently she decided on the latter.


Anonymous said...

Dad and I had awful scabies when we were first married. I brought them home from the nursing home where I was Activity Director. I told the owners and they were upset that I would say such a thing. 2 weeks later it was announced in the Tuscon newspaper as the Health Dept. had come in for an inspection. They should have listened to me and my all body rash. At that time the lotion was sticky and everything stuck to us. Good Luck, Love, Mom and Dad