Birthday Party Fun

With all the little munchkins running around here at Tenwek, we have been to quite a few first birthday parties so far. Maggie is still waiting patiently for her turn at the chocolate cake...only 7 weeks to go until I am the mother of a one year old (wow!). But in the meantime, we hosted a birthday for Liam Banks last week. His parents are the ones who graciously prepared a gourmet birthday dinner for me, and we also went to Masai Mara with them in February. Logan and Julie are here for five months as part of an international family practice fellowship, and it's been great getting to know them. Their apartment is on the edge of the Tenwek compound, so we volunteered to have the party here, a more central location for people to pop by.

Maggie enjoying her party hat prior to the guests arriving
There were probably around 30 people in our rather small living room, over half of which were kids. Julie organized an impromptu game of hot potato, and Eric provided the music on his snoozle (melodica).
Julie amazes me with her hostessing skills. She fashioned a giraffe cake out of several 9x13 cakes and decorated it with orange and chocolate frosting. The kids were totally enthralled.
And here's Liam, the birthday boy...not sure how to blow out the candles yet, but plenty of volunteers to help. Happy birthday, little man!