My Rice Krispies Come From Egypt

As I described earlier, in a moment of laudable vulnerability, I have a weakness for the exotic, even when it's really only the perception of the exotic. Living in Kenya provides many indulgences for this. Kenya, compared to many other African nations, does quite a bit of manufacturing, but still they have a lot of imported goods. Thus, at any given time, in our kitchen, foods from all over the world can be found.

There is an interesting brand, called American Garden, manufactured in Florida, that makes a lot of American condiments, like ketchup, mustard, and a ripoff of Fruit Loops, but you'll never find them on American grocery shelves.

In addition to this and a number of Kenyan products, India, the UK, and the Middle East have a strong manufacturing presence. So, our breakfast cereals are Egyptian, our pasta is Iranian, our dates are from Saudi Arabia, our lentils from India, our rice from Thailand, and Maggie's new favorite snack is British digestive biscuits. Sadly Nutella is about the same price as in the states, thus it continues to be a luxury item.

And on that note, let me publicly express my new love for Weetabix Fruit & Nut cereal.