Summer Itinerary

We decided that it would be a good idea to update all of our loyal readers on our summer plans. Hopefully we're coming soon to a town near you. We really would love to visit as many people as we can before heading out to Kenya. Here's our itinerary, to the best of our knowledge right now. Obviously, things can still change and we're fairly flexible.

(I tried to post a google map of our route here, but it was huge, and kept making Internet Explorer crash...)

July 5-9: We had a great time at Rachel's family reunion in Heit's Point, MO. More on this in future posts.
July 9-Aug 3: Time in Nashville. One of these weekends we'd also like to make a side trip to Chattanooga.
Aug 3-6, 9: Back to Ann Arbor. Eric does special music in church this Sunday, so we'll see the Knox folks then.
Aug 7-8: To west MI for Eric's cousin's wedding and time with the Blanski families.
Aug 9-15: Fly to Raleigh, NC and then drive to Boone for our World Med Mission orientation. Plans to stop in Durham the 14th/15th and stay w/ the Rockes
Aug 16: Leave Ann Arbor and head to Phoenix, likely stop in Iowa City with Eric's Guck cousins for the night
Aug 17-18: Arrive in Denver and spend the next day w/ the Zillingers (Rachel's cousins)
Aug 19-20: Travel to Phoenix. Anyone we know live in New Mexico for a stop off point?
Aug 20-Sept 18: Time in Phoenix.
Tentative: Aug 24-30: Side trip to Loma Linda and southern CA (Burbank, LA, Fallbrook)
Sept 18-27: Fly to Ann Arbor for friends Kyle and Sondra's wedding and Knox's Missions Sunday
Sept 28-30: Back in Phoenix, drive up to Gallup, New Mexico
Oct 1 - Nov 27: Work at Indian Health Urgent Care in Gallup, New Mexico
Nov 28 - Dec 5: Travel back to Phoenix and then out to Nashville, likely via Houston
Dec 10 (or so): leave for Tenwek!