Old School

Last Saturday, there was a gathering that had not happened in an age, namely a group of Eric's high school friends got together and enjoyed each other's company down on Farmer Justin's land south of Murfreesboro. (Yup, he's a farmer now)

Just a couple observations, then the pictures, which is what everyone wants to see:

1. Lots of kids. You can stop counting after a dozen, plus the 4 in the womb.

2. It was great. These reunions of old friends are guaranteed to have a sense of the surreal, but the amount of pure enjoyment is usually up for grabs, to some degree. But this was just a great time, sort of like Christmas. Gift after gift, all in one place and time.

Without further ado: Above is Justin and Wendy Steidinger, with their 4 chilluns, Dave and Victoria Mason with their 4 (and twin boys in the cooker), Greg and Claire Creasey (with 1 on the way, and Melanie Barnett. Below is Isaac and Stephanie Meek, without their 2 girls, who were with the babysitter, but with their own baby Maggie due any day. Also, Kendra and Josh Parker, and their own tribe. Thanks to all who came, and especially to the Steidingers for hosting.